" August 08 2008 I planted seeds and started on a journey that turned into an adventure, 
little did I know it would change the course and the direction of my life forever, 
RJM Ceramic Designs is the manifestation of those seeds, and now 8 years later
I continue to grow my dream"

 my website will be getting an update over the next few month and there is now posting on my blog continue to watch us grow!

Welcome to RJM Ceramics 

   My website is dedicated to promoting the importance of the ART'S in our culture and society, the importance of supporting local Small Business, and item that are "Made In USA."

 "by living life to the fullest, lifting up and inspiring others, promoting free thinking, imagination and creativity in our youth and  especially adults of all ages". 

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Robert James Murphy. I am the artist and owner of RJM Ceramics. This September I will have been working in clay for 9 years, how time fly's when you are living your passion and having so much fun! I am very excited about the progress and direction RJM Ceramics has made in the last few years. I enjoy the process of the one-of-a-kind, ceramic porcelain paper-clay art pieces I create. I have recently finished a commission my largest commission to date 57 feet to be exact. Check out my blog 

I design and create all my own functional and decorative ceramic pieces using hand built techniques. I create the forms using an assortment of slip trailing, slabs and coil, press and hump molds and hand-built items, also carving techniques. Each piece goes through three stages of construction, conceiving and building and dry to green ware; it is then bisque fired to1940 degrees.  In the final process I then hand paint or spray all of my glazes, each piece is then returned to the kiln fired to a temperature 2250 degree, this high fire glaze process adds color and dimension and make the piece strong and durable it takes about eight hours. Each piece is signed and there are no two pieces exactly alike.

I thank you for your interest, follow my Blog and check back to see regular to see the updates and progress on the mural. And as all you know updating my site is on going process so please visit often and tell a friend. 
If you see something you like check out RJM Ceramics for current items I have available. 

Robert James Murphy
Ceramic Paper-Clay Artist
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